Toby believes everyone should be able to treat themselves to world-class massage. A former Massage Therapy Program Director at Globe University, Toby's knowledge is incredibly vast and he specializes in deep tissue massage. Toby accommodates each client individually by listening to the muscles and body language, and also encouraging the client to be vocal about what pressure feels good and what is too much (or too little) pressure. 

"I love this place, it feels great and I feel great, coming here is like a mini vacation! Kristi does a really nice job with reflexology."

B.L., Fargo

Aaaamazing! "Toby is great! Came in with a super stiff neck that would barely move without soreness, left loose, limber and able to move. Love this place!"

H.K., Moorhead 

I was adopted from an orphanage in India. I came to the states when I was 5 years old. I went to elementary, middle, and high school in St.Francis, MN. I joined the U.S Military in 2010 as a Reservist and am now currently on my 8th year in. I have experience in serving, bartending, as well as brand promotions. I also have a Culinary degree and now  Massage Therapy degree. I have aspirations of going back to school for aesthetics. (Facials, dermabrasions, chemical peels, etc). Come check me out at bodysava and let me help you relieve the stresses of everyday life!

Excellent Experience "What a wonderful experience. Everyone was so nice and the massage was wonderful. Highly recommended this place to anyone looking for a great massage."

D.G., Fargo


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 I  am a licensed massage therapist and  I’m still enjoying the exploration of my precise niche, but what feels right to me is bringing my background in healthcare, athletics, and yoga to a luxuriously relaxing experience. Deep tissue, traction/stretch and treatment techniques seem to me so much more effective when embraced by a body fully relaxed. I consider myself a facilitator of change over time, rather than a quick-fixer.    

Megan Shaw

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What We Do

BodySava is South Moorhead's premier massage and reflexology studio. We have trained, educated and caring staff that offer the best in healing therapies in the area. We offer massage therapy, reflexology, himalayan salt sauna, Bio-mat treatments and Ionic detox foot baths. 

Kristi Mulvihill
​Owner, LMT, LR

Cassandra Rahn

Lisa Stoddart

 I  am a licensed massage therapist practicing a variety of different massages such as Swedish, deep tissue and prenatal. I provide you with a calm and comforting enviroment as well as treatments.
Many of my clients have been able to find the relief they want from everyday stress and muscle tension. I'm a firm believer in the many benefits of massage and the refreshing touch it can bring you. My goal is to bring you the release and relaxation you are looking for.

Toby Mulvihill
​Owner, LMT

9AM -7PM M-F,  10AM - 3PM Sat           701-541-6938

I opened BodySava with the desire to offer a community of healing with other talented therapists and practitioners. I envisioned being able to offer the healing services I believe in to everyone who is in need of healing.I work and listen to you and to what your body needs during the treatments, and work with you to help customize each massage or reflexology treatment to meet your needs..


Our Facilities

BodySava has recently upgraded and moved into our new location. We have invested energy and love to create a new environment for the ultimate experience in relaxation. From the moment you walk in, to the moment you walk out, you will be greeted with friendly staff, comfortable and serene surroundings, and state of the art services. 

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We offer a broad range of experience, expertise and quality to assure you receive the best care to help you feel better.