BodySava offers experienced and professional holistic services providing yoga, reflexology and massage therapy in Moorhead.

Unfold the next path of your Healing journey.

 Therapeutic Massage by Toby LLC opened May 1st, 2011, and has been the source of relief from chronic pain and stress for clients since. Independently run by Toby Mulvihill (LMT, NCBTMB certified, ABMP Insured). 
    Toby believes everyone should be able to treat themselves to world-class-quality massage. Although his specialty is deep tissue, Toby accommodates each client individually by listening to the muscles and body language, and also encouraging the client to be vocal about what pressure feels good and what is too much (or too little). 
    Toby has had rave reviews from clients ranging in age from 16 to 84. Toby has been referred out by several other massage therapists in order to get deeper muscle therapy, showing that his abilities are recognized not only through clients but through health professionals as well.‚Äč


 I  am a licensed massage therapist practicing a variety of different massages such as Swedish, deep tissue and prenatal. I provide you with a calm and comforting enviroment as well as treatments.
Many of my clients have been able to find the relief they want from every day stress and muscle tension. Im a firm believer in the many benefits of massage and the refreshing touch it can bring you. My goal is to bring you the release and relaxation you are looking for.

Kristi Mulvihill

Toby Mulvihill

I opened BodySava with the desire to offer a community of healing with other talented therapists and practitioners. I envisioned being able to offer the healing services I believe in to everyone who is in need of healing. I practice reflexology, massage therapy and teach yoga classes. I work and listen to you and to what your body needs during the treatments, and work with you to help customize each massage or reflexology treatment to meet your needs. I believe in my practice and in the vision of BodySava to continue to be a place of healing and offer professional and experienced reflexology, yoga and massage in Moorhead.

Megan Shaw

Massage by Toby