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 We hope you are staying well and enjoying the nicer weather! Though these times are difficult and unknown, it is also a good time to allow ourselves to slow down and remember what is really important.

We are committed to offering our clients the safest conditions possible, and in order to do that, we are looking at June 1st as our official re-opening date BUT it could be extended if we do not receive the PPE supplies that we need to operate safely. We will continue to update as we go along.

We are going to be using the next few weeks to properly learn how to safely open per CDC guidelines and want you to be aware that at least temporarily there are going to be some changes per protocol that we have to follow. We will be keeping you up to date on all of the new procedures as well as rescheduling of all of the cancelled appointments.

We are so excited to reopen and get to work with everyone again! But more importantly, we are committed to provide you with a safe and healthy environment. A few of the things that you can expect from us is protective wear, including protective masks for each client, a completely sanitized environment and a limited amount of people in the area at one time. As we begin to clean and redo our space, we look forward to seeing each and everyone of you soon!

We take our responsibility for your health as our number one concern, and will be doing everything we can to ensure we continue to provide a safe environment, even if that means waiting a couple more weeks. You are more important than making money, and without a safe environment, nobody would be able to enjoy the massage that they need. Thank you for your continued patience and support through all of this.

Stay well and share the love!

Kristi and Toby Mulvihill

COVID-19 Updates from BodySava