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COVID-19 Updates from BodySava

Client Appointments:

  • Clients must wait in car or hallway until notified to come in
  • Studio door must be locked at all times
  • No walk-in traffic
  • Nobody else but client allowed in treatment room or studio that may accompany a client
  • No more than 1 -  2 people in lobby at one time

Sanitizing Procedures:

  • Every surface in common areas must be sanitized after each and every client touch or contact and every surface will be fully sanitized at the end of each day
  • Gloves must be worn by practitioners when handling anything in the office
  • Each client MUST wear a mask in hallways, lobby and treatment rooms
  • Masks will be provided free of cost from BodySava
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entering and exiting the studio
  • If a client needs to use the restroom, they must re-sanitize or wash hands upon coming back into the lobby

 Payment Procedures/Checking Out/Rescheduling:

  • All payments must be pre-paid or invoiced
  • No lingering in lobby or in the room, no after appointment chats as we need full time between appointments to fully sanitize all surfaces and change clothes
  • Rescheduling of appointments can be done online or via phone or email only.

Practitioner Safety and Protocol:

  • Change of gloves must be done between touching of different surfaces and client
  • Each room, chairs, and commonly touched objects in the treatment room MUST be fully sanitized between each client. Including doorknobs and surface areas that clients may touch.