November Special:

This is a great month to stop and appreciate everything that we have, that we love and that is important to us. It is also a time to show gratitude everyday for what we have in our lives. The weather is getting colder, but it is also a good time to settle in and work on self-care, being good to ourselves and allowing ourselves to just be and relax.
This month we are offering the chance to warm up before or after your 60 minute essential massage with a 15 minute Bio-Mat or Salt Sauna session. For $65 you will receive the 60 minute massage and your choice of relaxing on the Bio-Mat which is made out of Amethyst crystals and delivers healthy, Infared heat or the Himalayan Salt Sauna which warms the bones, joints and muscles. 
We have a limited number of these specials available, so purchase yours online now!

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