Some call it Tasseography, some call it Tasseomancy, some call it gyspy wisdom, …..but whatever it is called, it has been around for hundreds of years. Tea leaf reading is simply interpreting the layout of the leaves left in the bottom of a tea cup after the tea has been drank. The leaves form different symbols, signs and letters that the reader uses to find answers to the questions the inquirer is seeking. There are over 200 signs and symbols used in tea leaf reading, each has a separate meaning and purpose. The reader summarizes what the tea leaves reveal, and provides possible outlooks and potential situations or events that could be a part of the inquirer’s life. 

People seek tea leaf readings for many different reasons. Some are looking for an answer to a question, others are looking for advice, others look for guidance to move in a certain direction in life or not. The reader seeks meaning to the inquirer’s questions and concerns, and helps to explain what they have seen in the findings of the tea leaves.

What kinds of teas are used?
There are actually ten basic teas that are recommended for readings. The tea is selected at the time of the reading and is dependant on the inquirer’s question, topic or preference. Loose leaf tea is used for all readings. In a pinch, a teabag can be used, but traditional readings are always conducted with loose leafs.

The ten basic teas that are used include:

  • Earl Grey
  • Gunpowder Green
  • Chamomile
  • Black Tea
  • Peppermint or Spearmint
  • White Peony
  • Blend of New Beginnings
  • Constant Comment
  • Tea for Coffee Lovers
  • Spirited Tea

How is it done?

Tea leaf reading requires very little to gain a great potential. The reader picks a blend of tea depending on what the inquirer is looking for. Certain kinds of teas are used for different readings. Once the tea is brewed and steeped for up to 5 minutes, the cup remains in the inquirer’s hands until they impart their energy onto it. During these moments, the inquirer focuses on the questions or areas of their life that they are seeking answers for.

After the tea is steeped, the inquirer drinks all but one tablespoon, leaving a very small amount of liquid in the bottom of the cup. The inquirer then rotates the cup 3 times clockwise and inverts the cup over the saucer. Readers often use the saucer as well as the tea cup in their reading so it is important to not disturb the cup or the saucer during the process.

The reader studies all of the remnants of tea leaves looking for shapes, symbols and signs. As the reader focuses on the inquirer and the question they pose, the reader then comes up with their findings. 

What kind of readings are done?
There are three types of readings performed. The most basic and required for the first reading is a whole year reading. This reading allows the reader to look ahead to the upcoming 12 months to find signs and symbols that may be able to help the reader with a problem or question that they have. The reader mentally divides the cup into 12 equal portions to indicate what month things may occur.

The second type of reading is a current week reading. In this style, the reader reads the leaves in the cup while mentally dividing the cup into 7 portions to see what day an event may occur.

The third type is the Zodiac method where the inquirer chooses a specific topic out of 7, and the user uses that theme to do the reading. Topics may include love, career, family, romance, etc. 

What kind of information can be predicted?

As with any type of energy work, or intuitive work, every reading is an interpretation, not a rule or fact. Each reading is unique to each person, and no two are ever the same. Once the inquirer has asked their question or topic, the symbols and signs of the tea leaves form possible situations or events that could take place in the near future. 
Readings do not guarantee a particular event or situation to occur, nor do they cause anything to occur. The readings are not part of any religion, or belief system, other than having an open mind and finding a light-hearted way to gain insight into your life. Most people who do readings find a greater sense of well-being and assurance when making decisions from career changes to moving to romance. The readings are intended to act as a gentle nudge to check with yourself and go after your true desires. 

Kristi Mulvihill, BodySava, will be offering readings early in 2020. She will also host a workshop at BodySava in December to introduce the topic and do sample readings! Check out to keep up to date on events and email with any questions.

“My great grandmother on my father’s side actually offered tea leaf readings to many people in the Fargo area during the 1950’s and 60’s. It is an intuitive practice that I feel called to do, and look forward to incorporating intuition into offering others the guidance they are seeking.”

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Tea Leaf Reading - What is it?