Kristi offers intuitive essential massage designed to relieve stress, tension and general aches and pains. Whatever massage you choose, you will be assured the best, custom fit massage for your needs from a  therapist who loves her work. With over 13 years experience  in the Fargo and Moorhead areas.

​​BodySava offers experienced and professional holistic services providing healing through reflexology treatments and essential and massage therapy. We also offer other healing services and packages that are designed to help you on your journey to wellness


Reflexology works all of the pressure points in the body through the feet.  This is only the beginning. Reflexology offers a full body treatment through the feet. The feet hold the map to the body, and over 5000 years of reflexology records show that the feet truly are the gateway to healing the body through pressure points. BodySava offers experienced reflexology in the  Moorhead and Fargo area.

Online Tarot Card Readings

Kristi is now offering fast and easy online tarot readings. Do you have a question that you would like a reading about? The online Astral tarot reading allows you to choose one topic out of the following six and 9 cards will be drawn to reveal your answers!

Thank you to our amazing clients for your loyalty and support. 

Specialty Services

Looking for something a little different? We also offer these specialty services to help meet your needs and help you lead a healthier, happier life. Try out our custom Reflexology to Balance the Chakras, Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Meditation Classes and more.

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