Massage Therapy

Essential Massage

Essential massage goals are to increase circulation, bring warmth and energy to the body, lightly address muscular tension, and bring about a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.  

30 Minute Essential Massage         $40

45 Minute Essential Massage         $55

60 Minute Essential Massage         $70

75 Minute Essential Massage         $85

90 Minute Essential Massage         $100

Migraine Relief Massage                    $55

(Try our Migraine Relief massage if you suffer from chronic or painful migraines. We offer cold stone therapy along with essential oils and focus on the neck and face. )

Deep Tissue Massage​
Deep tissue massage offers a combination of modalities used to deliver therapeutic results in the muscle, allowing restructuring of soft tissue fibers to heal acute and chronic injuries correctly. 

30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage       $45

45 Minute Deep Tissue Massage       $65

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage       $85

75 Minute Deep Tissue Massage       $100

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage       $125

120 Minute Deep Tissue Massage    $150

Therapeutic, condition-specific reflexology is performed on the feet to work all of the systems of the body by applying pressure to the nerve endings of the feet.

30 Minute Reflexology                             $40

60 Minute Reflexology                             $70

90 Minute Reflexology                             $100

Balance the Chakras                                  $80

(Balance your Chakras with this reflexology treatment working on specific points in the foot and using 7 different essential oils blends )

Thai Bamboo                                                  $80

( Experience a reflexology treatment using Thai bamboo rod to gently massage and work the Thai Meridians in your body to create balance and wellness)


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