Tea leaf reading requires very little to gain a great potential.  Once the tea is brewed and steeped for up to 5 minutes, the cup remains in the inquirer’s hands until they impart their energy onto it. During these moments, the inquirer focuses on the questions or areas of their life that they are seeking answers for.

After the tea is steeped, the inquirer drinks all but one tablespoon, leaving a very small amount of liquid in the bottom of the cup. The inquirer then rotates the cup 3 times clockwise and inverts the cup over the saucer. Readers often use the saucer as well as the tea cup in their reading so it is important to not disturb the cup or the saucer during the process. The reader studies all of the remnants of tea leaves looking for shapes, symbols and signs. As the reader focuses on the inquirer and the question they pose, the reader then comes up with their findings. 

Each full Tea Leaf reading also includes a full Tea Leaf Tarot Card Report!

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Traditional Tea Leaf Readings - $55

Online Tea Leaf Tarot Card Readings - $40

​Have a question you need to ask or are you looking for some guidance during difficult times? Get the guidance that you need kindly and gently with our Intuitive Online Readings. Get the answers that you are seeking to create a better life and create the peace you need during trying times. Tea leaf Tarot cards hold the same 250 symbols used in tea leaf reading, but can be done remotely with the same effectiveness. We value and honor your trust in us to do these readings for you, and we will promise you a full intuitive report.

Schedule your reading below and you will receive an email with directions on how to submit your information for the reading. Kristi will do an offline reading for you and email a full 12 month report. You can request a specific question for the reading, or request a general reading. Type your paragraph here.